Luke 2:21-39

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Prepare Your Heart for the Coming Savior

Joni Halpin wrote on December 26th, 2013, a statement regarding the story of the magi, “God sees faithful, searching hearts and allows them to find Him.” This profound statement became my spiritual guide for 2014. Thank you, Joni.

Today we see similar circumstances: Mary and Joseph, with the infant Jesus, entered the temple to make righteous offerings on behalf of the newborn child as a consecration to God. Simeon and the prophetess, Anna, have had “faithful, searching hearts” and are greatly rewarded by God with the presence of Jesus, the Savior.

It’s always troubled me that the priests, scribes, and temple elders did not recognize Jesus—EVER. The people who spent their lives scrutinizing over Scripture, combing the laws and seemingly calculating and praying over them in preparation of the coming Savior, never noticed Jesus when he was right there visible. Jesus spent three years teaching in public; and when He was twelve, He astonished the teachers with his understanding and interpretation of the Scriptures.

Not even when Herod consulted with the priests and sent his guards to Bethlehem to kill the infant Jesus, do we hear of the ones with knowledge even taking a small interest in this possibility of the Christ coming. Perhaps it was a lack of true faith in their hearts that caused spiritual blindness.

We are one week from Christmas. Is your heart ready for your Savior? If you, like so many of us, are having a hectic December with extra holiday demands piled on top of an already busy life, then I suggest you use Simeon and Anna as faith-filled examples of people that are God-centered. Take a breath and a moment to ask the Holy Spirit (as shown in our reading) for openness this Christmas season. Keep it simple and be sure your heart is faithful and searching for Christ in your everyday life . . . and God will reveal Himself to you.

About the Author :  Jim Lenox

I am a devout Christian and soon to be a grandfather. I am excited about sharing my faith with another generation. Ever faithful, grateful and searching for my Savior.