Mark 1:1–8:30

Read this passage!

In the book of Mark, Jesus performs many amazing miracles, including healing the sick and lame, casting out demons, calming a storm, raising a young girl from the dead, and multiplying a small basket of food to feed over 5,000 people!

The miracle that stands out to me as I reflect on these incredible acts of power is the one where a woman, suffering from a bleeding condition, reaches out in the midst of a large crowd to simply touch Jesus’ garment—and is immediately healed. It must have been a chaotic scene where many people were pressing in to get close to Jesus and see this amazing miracle worker. It is not surprising that this woman is healed by simply touching Jesus, but it is amazing to see how Jesus responds and how the disciples respond. The passage states Jesus “realized that power had gone out from him and turned and asked who had touched him.”

Let me paraphrase the response of the disciples: “Really, Jesus? How would we know who touched you? Look at all these people pressing in!” Then the lady steps forward and Jesus commends her for her faith and says “your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering.”

I am guilty of the same response the disciples had when confronted with a “God moment.” I often let the busyness of life push out my sensitivity to God, and I miss those “God moments.”

Lord, may I be open to your presence in my life today so that I will not miss out on anything you want to show me or reveal to me in a new and fresh way.

About the Author :  Dirk Hansen

A Chase Oaker that is loving the Book Club experience of reading through the New Testament.