Psalm 32

Read this passage!

At times, I feel my emotions just take over. I swing from one extreme to another—from being depressed to feeling angry. Shame sticks out among my pride and over-confidence. I feel tired pretending to be cheerful and feel guilty for not being joyful. My heart bleeds and my bones burn. Isolation appears to be the only way out. But instead, He lifts me up. So I pray:

God, I confess that I have forgotten your forgiveness.
You forgave my anxiety when I doubt.
You forgave my pride when I overlook my sin.
You forgave my self-reliance when I forget your grace.
You forgave my impatience when I challenge you for being too slow in transforming me.
God, I will hold on to your blessings.
You bless me with your salvation when I sin.
You bless me with your silence when I gripe.
You bless me with your grace when I need discipline.
You bless me with your discipline when I need to learn to live your way.
God, I praise you with my struggles and blessings. So help me God.

And I learn that being assured in God’s forgiveness is the gospel of grace.

If you, like me, feel overwhelmed by the seas of emotions, may we together anchor ourselves in the truth of God’s Word and live out the reality of our true identity as children of the one true King. Amen.

About the Author :  Andy Ho

Husband of Lena, father of Theonie, Adora, and Amelya