1 Samuel 16-17

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Application points for this week:

This week we observed how David moved from sheepherder to warrior. No matter where he was placed, he remained faithful to his work. Here are some ways we can practically apply the lessons in David’s story to our lives.

1) Be faithful to where God has called you. It doesn’t matter if it is managing a stock portfolio or tending sheep. God placed you there for a reason. Be faithful to the work He has assigned you.

2) David’s confidence in battle came from reminding himself and others how God had helped him endure trials in the past. Remember how God has helped you through troubling times. Let this steady you through the trials you are facing now.

3) David had an opportunity to face Goliath in the same manner everyone else was facing him. He instead chose to face Goliath using the gifts and talents God gave him. God has given you your specific gifts for a reason. Think about how you can use these gifts to tackle the giant problems in your everyday life.

About the Author :  Shane Watson

Shane attends Chase Oaks Church with his wife and two sons.