2 Samuel 23:8-17; 1 Chronicles 12:1-22

Read this passage!

Application for Connected, Week 5: Real Connection to Others

This week we’ve looked at the relationships David had with his “mighty men.” Reflecting on the importance of these real connections David had, here are a few ideas on how to relate this to your life. Hopefully, the Spirit will bring to mind other ways you can engage in the real connections in your life.

1. Our most real connection is with the Holy Spirit. Spend some time in prayer, specifically to listen for the prompting of the Holy Spirit, perhaps meditating on a passage of Scripture.

2. Consider the people who fill your bucket—who energize, encourage and empower you. Take a moment to write a note telling them what they mean to you. Whether by email or snail mail, it will make their day.

3. Is there a situation in your life where you could benefit from the help of someone else? Ask God to bring to mind someone whom He has prepared to help you in that situation.

4. If you’re not in a LifeGroup at your church, find one to try. It may take a couple of tries to find the real connection for you, but it’s worth it and you’re worth it.

5. If you are in a LifeGroup, invite someone from your group to do something outside of your normal group night. Maybe dinner or dessert or a game night.

About the Author :  Chrystal Hayes

Thankful for the real connections God has brought into my life.