Deuteronomy 28

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Our Loving Father

Many of us may read this passage and be misled to think that God is a “cosmic cop” ready to point the finger when we are not being a “good little boy or girl.” But there is more to it than that. It is about how loving our God is. And just like a parent with his child, He is showing us the boundaries He has established. He is a just God and clearly sets the rules for us so we can experience blessing in this fallen world.

For 14 verses, God lets His people know about the blessings of obedience. There will be rewards and joys for obeying and serving Him. In contrast, the rest of the chapter (from verses 15 to 64) explains the discipline (and quite possibly disaster) that accompanies disobedience. There will be a life filled with struggles, sickness, and slavery for disobeying the Lord God.

These words are true today, even though we live in the glorious age of grace as a result of the death and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. If we decide not to live under God’s commands, we will experience the consequence of discipline (and quite possibly disaster).

The Father’s love for His children does not change. It is the same now as when He was leading the Israelites through the wilderness. What God wanted from them (and us) is to love Him and obey Him. And when we love someone we do the craziest things—like submitting and obeying.

As believers, we have the indwelling Holy Spirit to enable and empower us to do exactly what God requires. He is inviting us to submit to His commands in love so that we may enjoy the riches of a life of obedience and living for Him.

As we go through our day today, let’s think about God’s love toward us and how our response can either bring blessing or discipline. Our heavenly Father loves us and desires our love. Certainly His heart is thrilled when He sees us loving Him by obeying His commands.

About the Author :  Ana Maria Prieto Neill

My name is Ana Maria. My husband and I have been calling Chase Oaks Church ”our family” since 2007, after we got engaged.
We have been blessed to have known the Lord since we both were children, and now we have an amazing opportunity to serve in a community where we have grown and seen the love of God.
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